2016 MALT Donor Honor Roll 

Mountain Area Land Trust sincerely thanks the individuals, businesses and organizations who have supported our mission this past year.

MALT Donors

($1,000 and Over)

Anonymous (1)

Jeanne Beaudry and Jack Butterfield

Kim and Steven Cox

Philip and Alexandra Davis

Patty and Ken DeLucas

Christine Douvres

Sandra and Joseph Ficklin

Steven Graeber

Charlene and John Gregg

Cindy Laurnen

Barb and Anthony McEahern

Anne McLean and David Donaldson

Jim Musick and Phyllis Sordelet

Nadja Pisula-Litoff and James Pisula

Koger and Marcie Propst

Linda and Mike Rengel

Jim and Dianne Robinson

Sally and Bruce Rogers

Warren and Betsy Rose

Virginia Sykes

Kari Torgerson and Chuck Carter

Amy and Keith Van Horn

($500 - $999)


Pamela and Peter Anderson

Wendi and Brian Ballard

Susan and Roy Beaton

Diane and Jerry Berk

Betsy Buckner

Lynn and Tony Caligiuri

Kim and Bob Cardwell

Deborah and Dr. Mark Carter

Lau and Katie Christensen

Kathleen Danhour and Tom Gray

Mary Ann Davis

Marci and Marty Dimas

Carol and Greg Dobbs

Laurie and Bob Dolian

Kathy Doyle

Jeri and Jim Gardner

Joann and Bill Hackos

Gretchen and Dan Hock

Annie and Scott Huston

Susan Imming

BC and Mike Jacoby

Heather and Nick Kapande

Emily and Paul Lenich

Jennifer Maramonte

Oralie McAfee

Ute and Patrick Meyer

Josette Montgomery

Diane and Thomas O’Connor

Ted Schaal

Dick Schulte

Trudy and David Sprunk

Deborah and Dan Suitor

Janice Tang

Colleen Truly and VADM Richard Truly,


Marty and Don Unger

William Vollbracht

Cari and Mike Waters

Marion and Jeff Wells

Toni and Larry Winkler

Anna Wooldridge

Leslie Woollenweber and Ferdinand Stupka

($10 - $499)

Amazon Smile Foundation

Anonymous (20)

Ginny and Andy Ades

Myra and Larry Anderson

Ann Andrews

Susan and Jim Anttonen

Mandy and Matt Ashley

Steve Ast

Betty and Jim Astle

David Avery

Maryanne Bach

Tadini Bacigalupi III

Laurelyn Baker and Jon Sirkis

Joan and Bill Ball

Janet and Kurt Ballantyne

Nancy and Jeffrey Balter

Teresa Barnes

Margot and Larry Barnes

Rebecca Bayang

Marian Beauchamp

Brittany and Cole Beaudry

David Becher

Fenella and Bill Bedesem

Jean Bell and Dwight Souder

MJ and Robert Berg

Bruce Bernstein

Erica Besler and Chad Hunsicker

Linda Besler and Steve Piel

Martha Lynch-Biasi and Gerry Biasi

Nancy Bowers

Karen and Terry Brady

Holly and Jeff Brekke

Betsy Brew and Bob Van Wetter

Susan Brown

John Brown

Paul Bunn

Linda and Ray Burden

Orley Burgess

Mary Burkitt

Dee and George Burris

Barbara and Tom Butterfield

Chuck Cannon

Mary and Jon Carlson

Paula and David Carnes

Carol and Bob Carper

Becky and Andy Cassel

Shelly Catterson

Anne Chou and Bill Walker

Clear Creek County Tourism Bureau

Marjorie Clinton

ML Coburn

Nicole Collier

Bill Cook

Becky Cook

Christine and Jeff Corbett

Kristen Costello and Brian Smith

Bonnie Counseller

Martha Cox

Kristine Crandall

Linda Dahl

Kathleen Davis and Terry Barnett

Betty and Bill Davis

Barbara Davis

Laurie and Jim Davis

Agnes and Christian Debrunner

Candy Decker

Suzanne deDisse

Janet Dellaria

Judith and Rocco Dodson

Tisha and Steve Doppler

Sandra Doran

Karin and Bill Downes

David Dozbaba

Janis Dufford

Denise and Mark Duffy

Peggy Durham

Lisa and Rick Dutkiewicz

Jerrie Eckelberger

Peggy and Peter Eggers

Leanne Emm

Fran Enright

Julia and Dick Esser

Patricia Estes

Janet and Bob Evans

Priscilla Evilsizer

Cheryl and Robert Fabry

Inge and Henry Falvey

Mary and Mark Feller

Nora Ferrari-Monnet and Philippe Monnet

Sharon and John Foster

Lisa and Norm Franke

Kristi and Tom Franke

Gail and Bill Frasier

Rachelle and Alan Frazier

Jeri Freiberger

Debra and David Freyer

Ann and Chad Fritz

Diane Fuchs

Suzanne Gallo

Diane and Robert Gansauer

Caroline and Mike Gilbert

Tom Gleason

Janice and David Gleason

Adrienne and Bruce Glenn

Linda and Michael Golden

Rick Gonzalez

Gayle Gordon and Rob Wesson

AJ Grant and Kate Fay

James Grout

Elnore and Ron Grow

Carol and Gerald Grunska

Lisa Gunderson and Tom Hoby

Barb Hadley and Phil Shanley

Johanna and Lee Halgren

Sarah Halliday and Rob Zabrecky

Dave Hallock

Lorraine Hamilton

Triena Harper

Barb and Curtis Harris

Jane York Hart and Richard Hart

Lee and Gary Hart

Anne Hayden

Janet Heck Doyle and Fred Doyle

Harlen Helker

Terry and Al Hershey

Doug Hesse

Idske Hiemstra and Roel Snieder

Elima Higgins

James Hill

Katharine Hobart and Jonathan Moore

Eve and Dale Hoffman

Karen and Pat Homelvig

Helen and Paul Hood

Sally Hopper

Kevin Hosman

Kathy Houston and Willem Schreuder

Kim and Paul Hovland

Peggy and John Hugger

Donna Hull

Tory Hurst

Janice and Werner Illig

Susan and David Izuo

Martha Izzo and Theodore-James

Karen Jackson Wood and Greg Wood

Jessica Jay and Travis Clark

Marion and Bob Jennings

Marcia Jochim

Sandra Johnson

TeeDee and Les Johnson

Dianne and Tom Junker

Liz Kaufmann and Ernie Tucker

Ann and Kurt Kenchel

Beverly and Daniel Kerr

Doug Kinzy

Linda and John Kirkpatrick

Chris and Brad Klafehn

Barbara Klaus

Susan Kramer and Glenn Mayer

David Kraemer

Gini Krutulis

Lynn and Dr. Kenneth Kutalek

Pam Langan

Stephen Lanyon

Nancy and Ken Larner

Nita Ellis-LaSalle and Brandon LaSalle

Tammy Laushey

Paula and Bill Leake

Mary Ann and Tim Leake

Melissa and Todd Leasia

Kay Ledyard

Susan and Steve Lehman

Meg and Dr. Michael Leonard

Laura Lindley and Peter Bjork

Julia Lindsay

Karen and Carl Lindsay

Deborah and Harold Linke

John Litz

Betsy and Frazer Lockhart

Lynn and Donald Lohman

Nancy Longsworth

Joy Lucisano

Dr. Rose Marie Lyon

Lynn Luxenberg and Bill Westfall

Nancy Lyons Butler

Karen and Gary MacFarquhar

Carol and David MacLean

Pam and Mark Macy

Marsha and Bill Manning

Laura and Jim Markus

August Mayer

Lorraine and John McAllister

Jean and Donald McBride

Judi and Douglas McCormick

Purnee and Don McCourt

Lisa and Tom McLagan

Robert Meade

J. Michael Meinerz

Connie and David Merchant

Margaret and Mark Meremonte

Nancy and Daniel Metzler

Mary and Frank Millard

Zora and Thomas Milne

Mollie Mitchell and John Wilson

Montucky Cold Snacks

Claire and Bud Moore

Ann and Michael Moore

Mountain Toad Brewing

Stef and Dan Morrison

Lynelle Mossholder

Beverly and Jack Mozzetti

Leah and Fred Naess

Raule Nemer and Bob Topp

Carolyn Norblom

Elizabeth and Norman Nordeen

Judith O'Connor

Atsuko Okabe and Kurt Jacobson

Shirley and Darel Olliff

Betsy Omohundro

Dori Painter

Paula Painter

Dean Painter, Jr.

Mary and Don Parker

Albert Patten

Shannon and Jonas Paulsen

Ginger and Christopher Payne

Suzanne and Joseph Pecoraro

Karyn and David Pedersen

Lynn Peesel

Jon and Karl Pelegrin

Susan and David Pellegrini

Ruth and Al Petrick

Jeanine and James Petterson

Christine Pfaff and Larry White

Carol and Bob Phelps

Dan Pike

Jennifer and Tom Poholsky

Jo and Jon Powers

Jeannie Powers Mann

Catherine and Rock Pring

Tom Quinn

Jeanne and George Rasmussen

Naomi Reshotko and PB Schechter

Revival Brews

Rich Reynolds

Janice Rice

Rebecca Richman

Sue and Larry Ricketts

Elaine and Rex Rideout

Gail Riley and Tom Statzell

Salli and Steve Rinella

Lynn and William Robbins

Scott Robson

Linda Rockwell

Laurie and Greg Romberg

Bobbi Rowe

Cathy and Denny Rundle

Christy and Dave Ryan

Ruth and Jack Salter

Karen and Jon Sawyer

John Scaramella

Jennifer Schaffner and Mark Kozlowski

Phyllis and Ken Scott

Pat and Karl Selby

Ruth and Daniel Setlak

Eileen Sharkey and James Darling

Gail Sharp

Cathy and Jim Shelton

Joan and Jerry Shrimpton

Paula Siegal and James Bosik

Barbara Sigmon

Diana and Walt Simon

Teresa and Gary Sims

Annette Snodgrass

Jenni and Steve Sonnen

Scott Spuler

Katherine and Dr. Richard Staller

Susan Stearns

Marilyn and Timothy Stechert

Mary and Ed Steinbrecher

Carlyle Stem

Barbara Sternberg

Jane Stewart

Lark and Brett Stewart

Cherie and Russell Straub

Mary Anne Sullivan and Thomas Palaia

Ginny and Thomas Swanson

Georgia and Barry Sweeney

Marcia and Dan Sweeney

Sarah and Charles Sweeney

Mary Sykes

Kimberly Taylor and Eric West

Harv Teitelbaum

Ingrid and Lawrence Terrell

Rebecca Tesich

Kim Thomas and Greg Wambolt

Suzanne and John Thompson

Stephanie Titus

Shelby and Martin Trinkino

Peggy and Glenn Uppenkamp

Annette and Don Urbas

Anne and Roger Van Teyens

Jeff VanEs

Stacy Wacker

Therese Wahlstrom

Susan Walton

Michelene Warner and Tony Dimas

Carol Way

Debbie and Kim Weigers

Katy and Fred Wells

Bill West

James White

Kristen and Kenneth White

Michael Whitehouse

Jan and Dr. Ross Wilkins

Catherine and Dr. Fred Williams

Nancy Williams and Jim Casebolt

Keith Winget

Charlotte and Jim Winzenburg

Karen Wogsland

Heidi and Dr. Andrew Wolfe

Richard Woods

David Yanish

Sandra and Timothy Young

Marcia Younger

Margot and Dick Zallen

Martha and Bob Zavodsky

Nancy and Edward Zorensky

Shelly Zuroff and Rob Eppe

Gifts In Honor Of:

Hank Alderfer

Alexandra and Phil Davis

Laurel Davis-Mayo

Pandora and John Erlandson

Evergreen Gallery

Katey and John McBride Greene

Cindy and Dave Higgins

Linda Kirkpatrick

Barbara Mertz

Philosophy of Universal Beingness

Within the Whole

Pat and Ute Meyer

Kathy and George Priest

Barbara Sosaya

Sandy Sykes

Mike, Dan and Lee Truly

Marty and Keith Winget

Gifts in Memory Of:

Phyllis Anderson

Katie Beaudry

Elliot Cook

Don Estes

Mary Garza

Jane Grunska

Dennis Halliday

Tom Hayden

Chuck Hazelrigg

Grace Helker

Thatcher Jones

Jean Keating

Tass Kelso

Christine Portaro

David Remley

Scott Sweeney

Fran Yehle

Gene Younger

Pat Zilbermann

In Kind Legal Counsel

Gerald Dahl

Greg Vallin

Conservation Easement and Stewardship Fund Donors

Glarus LLC

John Long

Karen L. Mauritz Trust

Marith Reheis

Sturman Properties, LLC

In Kind Donations

10th Mountain Division Hut Assoc.

A&A Historical Trails

Arvada Center for the Arts

AVA Rafting and Zipline

Kurt Ballantyne

Jeanne Beaudry and Jack Butterfield

Boone Mountain Sports

Bistro at Marshdale

Brewer’s Association

Betsy Buckner


Lynn and Tony Caligiuri

Kim and Bob Cardwell


Colorado Party Rentals

Coyote Gold Margaritas

Kathleen Danhour

Denver Center for the Performing Arts

Devil’s Thumb Ranch Resort and Spa

Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad

Evergreen Park and Recreation District

Paula and Charlie Farrell

John Fielder

Kim and Steve Fossel

The Gardner Effect Wedding and Event


Gateway Canyons Colorado Resort and Spa

Human Movement Management

Isle of Capri Casino

George Krauss

Lorraine McAllister

Laura Mehmert

Steve Mercer

Miller Coors

Monarch Casino

Mountain Home


Mimi Nelson

Nick’s Pro Fitness

Bob Ostertag

Jim Petterson

Rocky Mountain Paddleboard

Nancy and Cleve Schenck

Ski Country Antiques

Carlyle Stem

Sundance Gardens

TallGrass Aveda Spa and Salon

Team Evergreen Cycling

Vic Schendel Photography LLC


Bob White

Willow Creek Restaurant

Teri and Scott Winget

Timothy Young

Zuni Sign Company

Business Sponsors

(Mountaineer Sponsor – $5,000 and Over)

Murray Dahl Kuechenmeister Renaud LLP

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC

Candace L Allen, Senior Vice President – Investments

Grayson Drexel, Financial Consultant

Christine Satterfield, Senior Vice President – Investments

Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Member SIPC (303) 670-9122

(Trailblazer Sponsors – $2,500 and Over)

Ascent Private Capital Management and U.S. Bank

Blue Sky Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Davis-Mayo Associates, LLC

First Bank

Northstar Investment Advisors, LLC

The Unfound Door Photography

(Pioneer Sponsors – $1,000 and Over)

Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP

Cloud Nine Office, LLC

Coyote Gold Margaritas

Higgins, Hopkins, McLain & Roswell, LLC

Sunstate Equipment, Co.

Team Evergreen Cycling

The Makery Cake Company

(Pathfinder Sponsors – $500 and Over)

Bauerle and Company

Blue Spruce Evergreen Kiwanis

Foundation, Inc.

Dakota Blonde

Evergreen Rotary

Fresh Tracks Catering

Manning Financial Advisors

Mirada Fine Art Gallery

Neptune and Company, Inc.

New West Physicians

PandoraJohn Properties.Com/REMAX Alliance

(Trail Marker Sponsors – $250 and Over)

Evergreen Parks and Recreation

Evergreen Vision Clinic

Genesee Commercial Group

Grant Self Storage

James Drilling Company

The Wells Law Firm, P.C 


Anschutz Foundation

Community First Foundation

Denver Foundation

Great Outdoors Colorado

Nichols Foundation

Sampson Family Foundation

South Park National Heritage Area

Summit Foundation

Whole Foods


Circle M Foundation

Double F Foundation

Evergreen Rotary Foundation

Robert M. Gambrel Family Trust

Hollis Family Fund

Lambrecht Sharing Fund

Morgan Family Foundation

Painter Ohrbeck Family Foundation

Polevoy Family Foundation

Rotary Club of Mountain-Foothills

Watler Family Foundation


Janet Ballantyne

Erica Besler

Dee Burris

Gabby Caligiuri

Charlene Gregg

Chad Hunsicker

Jack Landers

Maureen McDevitt

National Charity League, Evergreen Chapter

Steve Piel

Nan Rickey

Rotary Club of Evergreen

Steve Rinella

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado 

Project Partners

Beaver Ponds Environmental Center

Clear Creek County Open Space

Colorado Mountain Club

Jefferson County Open Space

Plan Jeffco

SOLVE (Save Open Lands, Vistas and


South Park National Heritage Area

Summit Foundation

The Trust for Public Lands

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

This donor honor roll includes gifts received between January 1 and December 31, 2016. If we inadvertently overlooked or misspelled your name, please help us correct our error! Contact Lynn at 303-679-0950 or [email protected] with corrections.

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