Hiking with Mountain Area Land Trust
We will be posting the 2015 Summer Hiking schedule soon. Please check back and Like our Facebook page to stay updated on the schedule. 

2014 Hiking with MALT at Beaver Brook Watershed and Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area!

Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area is near Alma in Park County.  On the hike you can see ancient bristlecone pines, stunning wildflowers, alpine researchers in the field, and other sights.  The Pennsylvania Mountain trailhead starts at 11,700’ and the hike climbs to just over 12,000’ on a well-defined dirt social path. This is not a technical hike and there are no switchbacks.  The hike will last 2-3 hours. The pace is be leisurely with frequent stops for learning about nature.

The Beaver Brook Watershed, near Evergreen, is beloved US Forest Service, Clear Creek County Open Space and MALT conserved land with outstanding scenic vistas and wildlife habitat.  On the hike you will learn about the unique history of how the watershed was saved from development as well as the natural resources of the area.  The hike will last about 2 hours and is roughly 3 miles in distance, with moderate slopes and frequent stops for learning about nature.  The elevation at the trail head is around 8,800’ and this is the highest point on the trail.  People of all ages and abilities are welcome.