Since 1992, Mountain Area Land Trust (MALT) has conserved 14,999 acres in 71 private Conservation Easements through March 2017.  92 acres are part of the 500+ acre Pennsylvania Mountain Natural Area owned by Mountain Area Land Trust.

Plus 5,965 acres protected through facilitated public projects. Examples include:
  • Noble Meadow
  • Blair Ranch
  • Beaver Brook Watershed
  •  Bergen Nature Trail

Noble Meadow Project

The conservation of Noble Meadow was the Mountain Area Land Trust's first project and is one of the organization's most visible successes.

Early in its development, the Mountain Area Land Trust was interested in the preservation of the 408-acre Noble Meadow, a critical scenic and wildlife corridor that fronts Highway 74 and stretches up State Highway 103 near Bergen Park.

In November 1993, with a strong residential and commercial market signaling imminent development of Noble Meadow, MALT spearheaded a cooperative project involving the developer/landowner, Evergreen Park and Recreation District, Jefferson County Open Space and the community to preserve the 408-acre meadow.  The effort was successful: Noble Meadow was saved, and the partnership of public agencies and the community has become a model for citizen initiatives statewide.

Under the cooperative land purchase agreement, the developer/owner, Hiwan Ridge Development Co., donated the 281-acre conservation easement to MALT; Jefferson County Open Space purchased 117 acres for public open space; Evergreen Park and Recreation District purchased 10 acres for athletic fields and other recreational purposes; and the community raised $200,000 toward the purchase price of $2.28 million.

As a result, 281 acres of the meadow have been preserved in perpetuity through the conservation easement, 117 acres have been added to the adjacent Elk Meadow Open Space Park, and 10 acres have been developed for ball fields and active recreation.

Noble Meadow, a favorite elk grazing and calving area, has become a focal point for the mountain community and a key feature in the area's identity.  Residents are proud of their role in saving the meadow, and fully utilize the recreational amenities developed as a result of the preservation effort.  The presence of Noble Meadow has spurred additional community efforts to preserve open space and community parks.

In July 2001, Jefferson County Open Space dedicated a bronze plaque commemorating the efforts of MALT and others to save Noble Meadow.  It is installed in a rock at a pullout on State Highway 103 (Squaw Pass Road) about a mile above State Highway 74 (Evergreen Parkway).  The pullout also contains a colorful set of signs depicting elk life and habitat.